Design Profit, Inc. was started by Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates, Inc., to develop, market, and sell the Design Profit® software. Design Profit® is an analytical process that roots out waste and inefficiency in traditional product design, by reducing part count and simplifying assembly. Result: lower cost, better quality, and higher profit…a triple win…and the benefits are delivered up front, before manufacturing begins.

Design Profit® positively affects your entire business structure, uniting financial, executive, engineering, and manufacturing departments with a strong cross-disciplinary business case for maximum profit, quality, and value.

Over the past two decades Design Profit® has saved our clients more than nine billion dollars. The engineer or factory manager looking to make a name for him - or herself knows that maximum impact comes from creating products with simpler engineering, easier assembly, and fewer parts – all while improving quality, and maximizing profit. Globally-competitive manufacturers design profit in by pulling waste and complexity out…before someone else does.

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